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The USTA has 5 tennis leagues during each calendar year.

January–March is the Mixed Doubles league and Super Senior Doubles (60 years and up) where three mixed teams play other Ventura county clubs.

April–June is the Spring league where two singles and three doubles teams do battle with other clubs.

Summer, July–August, brings the Tri-Level league and the Seniors league where you must be 50 years of age within that calendar year to play.

September–November is the last league of the year, the Fall Doubles. Three doubles teams compete for first place.

As of this date, we are restricted to 12 USTA teams per season due to the logistics of getting all matches in during Satuday and Sunday.

You must be a Moorpark Tennis Club member and a USTA member through the last month in play to be able to play in the Moorpark USTA league.

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