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May 1, 2017

Moorpark Tennis Club will become a FREE MEMBERSHIP CLUB. 


The initial thoughts about forming a club started during the fall of 1992 when tennis instructor, Garry Coleman, and the city of Moorpark set up a weekend tournament at the 3 courts on Tierra Rejada. Brad Rock, Chris and Todd Johnson, Anders Karlsson, Paul Huizenga, Tracey Lee, Allison Lang and Rick Maki were among the participants. Because it was very successful (about 20 men and 20 women), the city decided to run another tournament in the spring of 1993.

At that time Paul brought a card table to the courts and we started taking signups for those interested in forming a Moorpark Tennis Club. Later, we had a breakfast get-together at the Cactus Patch on High Street and some of us met at City Hall for a few months while they paid for our mailings.

We then formed our first board—Keith Hilmer, Louie Trew, Paul Huizenga and Rick Maki. The club became self sustaining—we charged $15/year for a single membership. Gerry Main and Brad Rock joined the board the next year.

The club needed a place to host our tournaments and socials. Moorpark Junior College became the venue with the college's permission. For about 5 years we held all our singles and doubles tournaments on those dusty, cracked courts. All our socials were held next to the vending machine. As the USTA teams began to build from the membership, we ran into problems with court usage. We had as many as 11 USTA teams one year. We were pushing the envelope as to when teams could use the courts for matches. USTA captains played their home matches at their opponent's club—not the way to do it when you want to win the league.

The club made a giant leap when we attempted to get some courts built on Arroyo Vista Park. Acting MTC president, Rob Pereira, along with a dedicated group of tennis players, put in a 110% effort and showed up at Moorpark City Hall meetings. The club needed to argue the greater need for tennis courts. Other sports enthusiasts wanted their soccer field, hockey rink and skate park. The city had only so much money to allocate for tennis courts. In the end, we got our 8 courts. We currently play all our USTA matches and host our socials at the park. The club would like to thank Rob Pereira for giving so much of his time in attending and speaking at so many hall meetings. The courts would not be a reality without his efforts.